07 Nov 2019

4 Facts You Need to Know About the NextICorn International Summit 2019 That Makes it Different

The NextICorn International Summit is coming on November 14th and 15th, 2019. Before we start the excitement, we would like to share some fun and unique facts about this event that makes it different from the others. This event is not only about bridging the partnership between participants, but also some eco-friendly things that we do for a more sustainable environment.

First of all, this is a strictly non-suit and tie event, as we hold this summit under the sunny sky of Jimbaran Hub, Bali. So just leave your suits, jackets or blazers behind, and put your most comfortable outfit, slippers, and sunscreen on instead to attend the summit.

This summit will be your meeting place with your future business partner, moreover, it is also a place that acts as a basecamp towards reaching the unicorn peak for everyone in the digital environment. Therefore, you will have some other activities, like a fireside chat, exciting talks, valuable personal testimonials and networking from some top professionals in their field of business, as well as morning meditation walk where you can have a zen moment with all participants.

Even better, you can discover some essential information about the digital economy from the sharing sessions with Indonesia’s new policymakers, Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board, Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Rudiantara, and Thomas Lembong, as the speakers.

More excitingly, all participants’ meeting schedule and activities during the summit will be arranged in our official matching service app, the NextICorn International Summit 2019’s Match App. Through this app, you will automatically get notified about all the information you need to know about the summit. Later on, Match App will lead you to the Pods, where start-ups and Venture Capitals meet to share their company’s vision and value as well as the performance.

Above all, we are committing to environmental sustainability by using 100% compostable biodegradable materials for our lunch boxes, cutleries, and cups during the event, even all the wastes will be composted after the summit. For this good cause, we would love to have your support by throwing your empty lunch boxes, cutlery, and cups to the provided trash bins around the basecamp area.

Those are four fun and unique facts that make the NextICorn International Summit 2019 different. Hopefully, those things can boost your positive energy during the summit.

See you in Bali soon!