12 Nov 2019

All the Fun that You Can Have at NextICorn International Summit 2019

The NextICorn International Summit 2019 is not only about bridging profitable relationships between start-ups and venture capitals, but also about having fun. So you will have a lot of exciting activities during the Summit, both inside and outside the basecamp!

"We are closer to the New Economy, and we want to make something different from the Old Economy. So we want to make something different--warmer and more inclusive," said Daniel Tumiwa, Chairman of NextICorn Foundation. He said the Summit is "gonna be very casual because we all like it that way."

So, here are a few things you need to know to get up to speed on the summit:

The Meetings

First thing first, the meetings will not be held in a typical closed-door conference or office situation. Instead, it will be held at meeting pods in an outdoor playground-like condition where all parties use a mobile application to find their perfect match, the Match App. 

The meeting pods will be spread around in three different areas at the basecamp. There will be signage to mark the pods, and its location information will be available on screens around the venue. We advise you to arrive at 8 AM on the first day of the summit to familiarize yourself with the basecamp and meeting pod locations. By doing so, you can mobilize yourself more efficiently during the meetings.

At the same time, you can also have precious insights from industry and government leaders through the keynote, panel, and fireside chat sessions. All this under a casual, Bali-authentic, natural, and relaxing setting of Jimbaran, Bali.

So leave your suits or high-heels behind and get ready with your most comfortable outfit instead. Prepare your sunscreen, pull out your hat and sneakers, for this summit will take place in our new basecamp.

Morning Meditation Walk

That is not all! We understand that you have to be in the best shape, both physically and mentally, to make the best decisions for your business. So before the meetings start, on the first day of the Summit, there will be a morning meditation walk from Royal Tulip Springhill Resort Jimbaran to the basecamp at 7.30 AM. 

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, put on your hats, and don't forget your sunglasses and noise-canceling earphones so you can have a mindful experience.

Happy Hour by Plaga

Then after a long, exciting day of valuable meetings, you can have some beer or sangria at the Summit Happy Hour by Plaga to get you recharged. You can have a free glass or two while they last, or purchase them directly at the wine and beer stands if you would like some more! 

This opportunity is available both on the first at 4.30 - 5.30 PM and the second day at 3.30 - 5.30 PM. Don't miss it!

Camp Dinner

The happy hour might end, but the happiness shall continue through the night. On the first evening, we will take you out to Puri Bhagawan Jimbaran for the NextICorn Camp Dinner, our unique take on replacing the typical gala dinner. The set up is extremely laid back, with a bonfire at the top of a cliff. So you can enjoy the ocean view and sunset while you wait for your dinner. How is that?

As the venue is outdoors, please wear your most comfortable outfit, and don’t forget to bring your summit ID as it will be your Dinner Pass. For those of you who have arranged ground transportation throughout the summit, we invite you to hop on our shuttle that will take you from basecamp to dinner camp. You can leave your car at the parking lot of the basecamp. Our shuttle will take you back there after dinner.

Match App

As we have said earlier, all your meeting activities will be arranged through our official and exclusive mobile application, the Match App. It will notify you about which meeting pods to be used and when the meetings will take place. So make sure to install and check the app regularly as you are expected to be present on time at every meeting.

Summit Hotline for start-up and investors will be available during summit days to assist with the Match App technical matters:



That is pretty much all of the exciting activities that you will have during the Summit. And not only that, but you also can play games like Giant Jenga, Foosball, and three other giant games that we provide during short breaks in between your meetings. So the NextICorn International Summit is going to be exciting. And we are excited. Are you?