07 Nov 2019

Maximizing Your Match App at NextICorn International Summit 2019

We are excited to announce that NextICorn International Summit is coming real soon on November 14th and 15th, 2019, under the sunny sky of the Digital Paradise, Jimbaran, Bali. It is our pleasure to have you as our participants, and as we all know, you will be connected with your future Business Partner, here in this summit.

Before we dive into the event, we would like to present Match App as our official and exclusive matching service application. Match App will maximize your experience, for it helps you to find, arrange, and keep track of all your meetings with your future Business Partner.

Please make sure that you have installed and get familiar with the app. Kindly also check the information inside regularly and carefully before and during the summit days, as all information, meeting schedule notifications, and updates related to the summit will be arranged and pushed through this app.

This app will help you to connect with relevant attendees for private networking opportunities by scheduling one-on-one meetings, as it can only be used by registered participants. It will also be a reminder for your next meetings and give you directions about the meeting places, or "pods" as we call it.

You can set your meetings up quickly and easily, once you are logged in to the app. Even so, there are some steps that you need to follow to operate your apps properly. The first step is to let others know you better, so you have to update your profile under the "Me" sign.

After that, check out the attendees' profiles that are ranked in order of relevance to you, click the "Meet" icon to connect, and then go to your calendar to manage your availability and meeting requests. If you still have any further queries, you can submit your questions through the app.

This is your one-stop app and your main guideline for the summit. And of course, it will be a helpful tool to keep your agenda going smoothly.

Last but not least, we are wishing you enjoy the tropical breeze of this Island of Gods’ fresh air and have a good time at NextICorn International Summit 2019!