25 Nov 2019

NextICorn Foundation Announced NExT Initiatives in Dinner Hosted With BKPM

As the sun went down on the last day of NextICorn International Summit 2019, the NextICorn Foundation hosted a dinner event together with the Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BKPM).

The Summit brought together 104 start-ups and 134 venture capitals in Jimbaran Hijau to help bridge profitable relationships between them through a series of meetings. By the second evening, the meeting sessions were already concluded, but there was one last important announcement to be made during the evening.

Opening the evening’s event, the Deputy Chairman for Investment Promotion of BKPM Farah Ratna Dewi Indriani made the opening remarks and set "The Next Big Thing" as the theme for the rest of the evening.

“As a country with a strong digital ecosystem, which has produced the most unicorns in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, we believe, will witness the emergence of ‘the next big thing’ in a variety of sectors soon,” she said.

Then there was a panel discussion featuring Partner at East Ventures Melisa Irene, CEO of Novistiar Rustandi, CEO of Perawatku Ogy Winenriandhika; and CEO of Daily Social Rama Mamuaya as moderator. Entitled ‘Building a Tech-empowered Society: Medical and Education’, the panel discussed how few bold start-ups are trying to serve the bottom, yet fundamental markets in issues like education and healthcare[1] .

All in all, it was an inspiring session from the panelists. Melisa, for example, explains about the potential of investments in both of these sectors. “Investments generally always look for opportunities in the categories to go. As it happens in the progressions of many countries, the quality of life actually goes up, the middle class are rising, so there’s a huge need for healthcare. Because, you know, you don’t only think about what to eat, but also the quality that you need to live longer. So healthcare definitely possesses a great progress for that. Education is also very important as, globally, education is the key driver for people to go up in a working class,” she said.

Then, the announcement. After the inspiring panel discussion, the Chairman of NextICorn Foundation Daniel Tumiwa recounted the experience of the NextICorn International Summit 2019 and announced what would be the next big thing from his side. He introduced the NExT (New Economy and Technology) initiatives- called the World NExT Forum and Indonesia NExT Summit--to be held in 2020.

“In the last three years, NextICorn has been trying to build an ideal digital economy ecosystem to help the growth and development of Indonesia’s start-ups by bridging gaps in terms of fundings. However, this time we want to expand our focus by holding these two initiatives to support Indonesia in becoming the leader of the world’s digital economy,” Daniel Said.

The World NExT Forum will be held for two days, in the same week as NextICorn International Summit 2020. The event is aimed to position Indonesia as the world’s center of the New Economy. The forum will be attended by investors and digital economy players from around the world including global financial organizations such as World Bank and Asian Development Bank as well as foundation such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - putting Indonesia as the leading initiator in addressing the problems and topics related to the New Economy.

Meanwhile, the Indonesia NExT Summit, which will be held for two days right before the NextICorn International Summit 2020, will be focused on trying to crank-up domestic investments. This initiative will educate and introduce local investors as well as national, regional and local government across Indonesia to the opportunities and benefits of the building and investing in their local tech entrepreneur, with the hope of improving the currently lacking domestic investments.[2] [3] [4] 

“The World NExT Forum will be a platform for Indonesia to show its potential and leadership in the digital economy sector, while Indonesia NExT Summit will embrace and educate domestic investors to be a part of this dream. We hope these initiatives can push Indonesia’s position even further, from Jimbaran to the center of the world’s digital economy,” said Daniel.

Then, with a smile, he continued: “our dreams, at least on this third year of these initiatives, at least we will get a lot of complaints regarding the limited space of Ngurah Rai International Airport from investors coming with their private jets from all around the world.”

After the announcement, Daniel finally invited the guest for dinner. The dishes are specially crafted and provided by Vivre Bali[5] [6] . During dinner, the guests are entertained by close up magic and flashmob dance.

The NextICorn International Summit is the first event held by the NextICorn Foundation as an independent entity, apart from the government. And although it has been working closely with BKPM throughout the years, the dinner became the first event held together by both parties. Hopefully, the NextICorn Foundation and the government will continue to work together in creating the next big thing for Indonesia’s digital economy. Please insert one or two quotes from the panelist.